(we reserve our rights to modify the artists & d.j.s board the way we see it best for the Lebanon Festival success)


NUNO & VANDA (Portugal)

Nuno Furtado and Vanda Gameiro are originally from Portugal, the country that they have been representing at the international salsa congresses and festivals. They are professional salsa dancers and teachers but they have dance training in several other styles, like Contemporary, Jazz, Funk, Classical Dance, Tango, etc.
Their work on Salsa is based on styling, dynamic and musical interpretation.
They travel mostly in Europe and Middle East but they have also been to New York and Puerto Rico.
In Portugal they have their own school and Dance Company called JD Freestyle.




          Originally from Guadalajara Mexico, Francisco moved to the Los Angeles in 1988.
Francisco's introduction to Salsa occurred when he accompanied his girlfriend to a nightclub. Motivated what he saw, he immediately set about teaching himself the basics by watching the best L.A. salseros of the day: Albert Torres, Laura Canelias and Joe Casini.                               

Soon the steps came and he discovered that he had a natural ability for dance, a gift for rhythm and a deep understanding of the music. This, paired with the inspiration and influence of the Nicholas Brothers, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, led Francisco to create his own innovative style.

Eventually he began teaching his brothers, Luis and Johnny. Francisco and Johnny later went on to found Los Rumberos Dance Company. They became known for their flashy, fast-paced footwork, keen sense of timing and the ability to hit an accent at the end of a quadruple spin perfectly.


Years later, it was clear that Francisco had found his niche in Salsa. He had been chosen to dance on stage before thousands alongside Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Charo and many other revered Latin artists. His credits include an extensive list of films, music videos, television programs and commercials. He continues to perform, choreograph and instruct for audiences and students around the world.
Through his success, Francisco remains a humble, down-to-earth man, crediting "faith as my strength". A generous heart and loving soul, he puts family and friends before fame and fortune, and works tirelessly to share his gift and passion for Salsa with others all around the world. His greatest and most enduring strength comes from "believing in one's self and teaching those who continue to dream."

Video & Television Experience
Jennifer Lopez – Video clip - "Waiting for Tonight" - 1999
Marc Anthony  - Video clip - "I need to Know"  - 1999
Jerry Lewis TV Marathon 1998 & 1999
Dance With Me  - Movie - Sony Picture -1997
Multiplicity – Movie - 1996
Selena The Movie & Selena  Video "A Boy Like That"- 1995
Awards Fashion Show
Pie In the Sky
Coca Cola & Coca Cola Light Commercial
Miller Draft
Payless Shoe Source
La Paz  Party Line Dancer
Sabato Gigante

Live Performances
Asia & Europe Tour -2000 till present
West Coast Salsa Congress at Los Angeles – 1999 till present
Bacardi Salsa Congress  Puerto Rico - 1998,1999,2000,2001
Congresso Bacardi  Mexico - 2001

Casino Du Liban Jounieu, Lebanon - 1999
Jeff Kutasha’s, "Ole Ole" - Century Super Club, Los Angeles - 1999
Joaquin Ayala Magic Show  "The Time is Now" The Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas, NV - 1999
John Anson Ford Theater “ Los Angels “ 1998
Celia Cruz & Johnny Polanco  "Move To The Groove Ball"
Salsa Congress - Curacao 1999
Charo Tour   Holland America Cruise Line
Ruben Blades & Gilberto Santarosa  Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
Johnny Polanco –Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
Paul Getty Center  Grand Opening

The Conga Room 1998 Professional Div. - Champion
The Conga Room 1999 Professional Div. - Champion
Sabado Gigante 1998 Dance Company - Champion
Mayan Club 1997 Professional Div. - 2nd Place Finalist

Salsa, Mambo, Bachata, Afro-Cuban, Merengue, Cumbia and Cha-cha
Latin American Dance techniques
Rumba, Mambo, Cha-Cha, Guaguanco, Guaracha, Charanga, Pachanga
Mexican Folkloric & Indigenous Dances




Farid 'El Conguero' Ferchach (France)

Teacher, Performer, Choreographer, Singer, Entertainer, Percussionist

Smooth Turn Patterns, Fast Partner work, Spinning, Singing

"Farid started dancing salsa in 2001. He discovered Mambo style in 2002 in the Paris Salsa congress and was influenced by the Vasquez style. One year later he presented his first show during the same congress “ the X-MEN” which was a success and  a large success, confirmed in the Uk Congress 2003. Since then he worked as performer and instructor in many countries such as England , Ireland, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Morocco, Tunisia, New York, Los Angeles and many more... His shows are very original, with crazy costumes and mixing salsa with different dances. Farid is a musician (singing and playing percussion), his style is a mix of  speed, seduction, humour and craziness.... He likes the crowd and the stage. He founded his school in 2003 : SALSA CONGA ( Now he organizes trips and events for the salseros/as around the world ("




Mouaze Konaté from Paris (France), is a very well known salsa dancer and showman, charismatic character "on and off stage". Mouaze has been invited all over the world ( China, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Morocco, Spain....) for his pedagogical skills and his unique body moves. Watch out for his Workshops and his Shows with Fanny Frosini the new talent ! at the 1st Lebanon Salsa Festival.








Cuban salsa, bachata, son, Cuban rumba, reggaeton, salsaton, rueda de casino, lady styling , Afro

Claudia and VANIA are professional dancers coming from Bari ( Italy )    
She's a dancer and teacher of classical ballet and

Specialized in Cuban subject, they have deepened the folklore, the style, el " Sabor cubano  " and contaminated  with their artistic baggage. Their language is innovative and intense and in their performances it 's deduced the
great complicity, communication and sensuality with which they live the 
music. Guest to the congresses_ "uksalsacongress2007", "salsorro2007-2008", "salsalux2008", "stuttgard2008", "sexyandsensulalatinfestival 2009", "3eme festival international saint-Raphael _Claudia y Vania and  their
group "El Sabor Diferente"  have conquered the international public for the shows involved and highly choreographic and for their quality of movement. 




GREGORY & FERNANDA (BELGIUM) - Granda Dance Project

Grégory and Fernanda founded the Granda Dance Project.
They teach bachata in several dance schools around Belgium, such as in Brussels and Leuven.
*Fernanda has chilian roots and has been dancing since childhood. Her smile and generosity are a treat to bachateros, putting them immediately at ease.
*Grégory has a musician’s background, but has now become obsessed: bachata as a way of life! He is a master in sharing with joy, his sense of rhythm and movement.
*The Granda Dance Project is also the foundation for other projects such as the Smooth Parties and Bachatando, the first International Bachata Festival of Brussels."





ZIAD & SAHAR (Lebanon)


          Creator of SALSA LEBANON© and TANGO LEBANON©, he is one of the most remarkable dance personalities in Lebanon and the Region, whom through his remarkable skills, Talent, innovations and artistic imagination is an inspiration to many. He could drive the Dance Scene in Lebanon to enter the new Dance Generation, opening   new Horizons for Dancers creating the first links with the International Dance Scene in Ballroom and Latin (DanceSport), Tango Argentino and Salsa Dancing.



Sahar Abou KHalil

Sahar Was born in Lebanon and started dancing at the age of 7.she is a leading choreographer, judge in IDO , performer and teacher with a background in ballet, jazz, contemporary, yoga ,Ballroom dancing, Argentine Tango,and Salsa ** She participated with salsa dance squad project performance during the 4th Cyprus salsa congress 2009, "INSOMNIA SHOW" ** She was also member in famous company in Lebanon as "CARACALLA DANCE COMPANY " performing in many countries China , Dubai , Oman , Cyprus, Greece ...& TV shows as " Star Academy " **It all started back in 2000, when Sahar first started to dance salsa.






London, UK

Bachata, Kizomba, Salsa

Inaki was born in the North of Spain but grew up in Madrid. He moved to London in 2004, bringing with him several
talents, including experience in Argentinean tango, Salsa and of course Bachata.
Since joining the 'Leon Rose Project' in the end of 2004, Inaki has been performing with the group at congresses worldwide,

including Holland, France, Spain, Ireland, Brussels, Sweden, Latvia, UK, Texas, Switzerland, Geneva, Surinam,
Germany, Miami, Italy, Israel and many more.
Inaki teaches Salsa, Bachata and Kisomba at a number of venues including the 'Latin Dance Academy'.

The LDA founded by world renowned teachers, Susana Montero and Super Mario, focuses predominantly on technique.
Although Inaki has extensive experience of teaching Salsa and Tango, he is widely known for his popular
Bachata workshops and has even teamed up to perform and teach with Susana Montero. His unique style of
footwork and body movement combined with energy and intensity have earned him the title, 'King of Bachata'!
His enthusiasm for Bachata has encouraged and developed a strong community of Bachata fans on the London
salsa scene. Keep an eye out for the release of Inaki's brand new bachata DVD featuring Susana Montero.






KIKI & ELI (Athens, Greece)

Dancers, Choreographers, Instructors, Promoters, Producers

Sport Salsa, on1 , on2

They have been in the top-ten couples of the world in 2006 and 2007 (ESPN World Salsa Championships- on1).

They started dancing together in Bulgaria six years ago, and they have been undefeated Salsa Champions of the country in 2005,2006 and 2007.

They have performed in many countries in Europe, like Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain and USA, like Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, among others.

In 2008 they moved to Greece and created the first exclusive Salsa and social dance school in Athens, introducing to the people the magic of salsa dancing as they know through the experience they gained all those years in the international salsa scene.


FADI (London, UK)

Fadi is a man of many talents, equally at home teaching salsa or DJing reggaeton. He discovered salsa in 2002 and since then has gone on to teach and DJ throughout the UK and abroad. In a comparatively short time he has developed a proven track record in many areas and has established himself nationally and internationally. He regularly works with some of the biggest names around the world, be they DJs, singers or dancers. Fadi has worked with organizations as diverse as the Latin Collective UK and the Salsa School of Malta. He is a key member of Moe Flex Dance and the Cubana Cabaret Dance Company. And the best bit of all this? It’s only just beginning… Fadi the DJ If you need a DJ then Fadi is the man for you. Professional and highly versatile, he has DJ’d around the world – in Lebanon, Spain, Italy, Malta, Holland, Ireland and throughout the UK to name but a few. He has competed internationally with great success: • 2005 Spanish DJ Championship: 3rd place • 2006 UK Arabic / R&B DJ Championship: 4th place • 2006 London Urban DJ and International Beat Championship: 1st place DJ Fadi’s sets are known for keeping the dancefloor jumping and the crowd smiling; he plays music that makes you want to stay on the floor right until the very last track and beyond... A UKA-qualified teacher, Fadi teaches Cuban salsa, la rueda and cross-body salsa On1 at weekly classes, private lessons and weekenders. His teaching credits include: • Moe Flex Dance Company • Strictly Salsa Uk (High Wycombe) • Simply Salsa (Café Rez) • Explore Salsa • Salsa Explosion (Bar So) • Salsa Cubana • Latin Krazy (Bar Salsa) • Salsa Unleashed (Bar Salsa) • Latin Collective UK (Uxbridge) • Salsa School Of Malta • Bar Salsa / Havana Fiesta / Bar Cuba (London) Fadi the Dancer A combination of tuition from some of the top teachers in the UK and his passion for salsa saw Fadi competing early on in his dancing career. He was a success right from the start: • 2003 Tropicana World Open Salsa Championships: 1st place amateur level • 2004 Salsa UK Championship (Bar Salsa Open): 3rd place professional level He is regularly seen heating up the floor in clubs all around London and beyond, and continues to find new and creative ways to indulge his passion. His infectious sense of humor and smooth clean style mean he is highly in demand and is rarely seen sitting a track out.








NIZAR (Lebanon)

Nizar Sleimen is originally from the Bekaa - Lebanon, Nizar started his dancing in 1995 at the Fahd el Abdallah Folkloric dance Company. He discovered Latin dances in 2001 and started his learning at Arthur Murray Lebanon Academy for a 6 months period. It was a pure coincidence that brought him in connection with salsa at a club in Luxemburg, where he used to work. He started taking lessons with Ruben, a major Cuban instructor there.

When he moved to Paris, he joined the Pachanga dance club, with it’s 7/7 program of salsa teaching, all styles (LA (Alain “Alf), Cuban (Alex), NY (Isaac “El Tiburon”), Puerto Rican (Felipe Polanco), Colombian, and Rueda (David Fagour)). To extend his knowledge, he participated in numerous congresses around Europe (Paris, Luxemburg, UK, Rome, Bucharest, Greece, Cyprus, Berlin, Marseille) and the Middle East (Dubaie). In these congresses, he learned from the main salsa instructors worldwide (Mario, Frankie Martinez, Leon Rose, U-Tribe, Johnny Vasquez, Luis Vasquez etc.). Back to Paris, he won the first place in Bachata during the national Puertorican day at la Pachanga in 2002.

Back to Lebanon, he brought with him his unique way of dancing on the salsa scene, combining a fusion of Cuban body movement with LA style and introduced bachata for the first time in Lebanon at the Mont la salle salsa event in 2003.

Not only known as an excellent dancer, renowned for his fast clean figures, his teaching technique is well known to be precise while enhancing on the reason of doing any step or figure in a certain way, while focusing on the music interpretation and the fun during the dance.

His specialty is Cuban salsa, on “One” and L.A style, and he is the only Cuban salsa teacher in Lebanon, as well as the only “Casino” instructor.



Fady Hannah-Shmouni:

          A recent graduate, Fady will practice child psychiatry in Canada this fall. Fady was born in Iraq but forced to move after the first Gulf war.  He grew up between Canada, Iraq, Dubai and Jordan where he started dancing salsa.  He has performed and instructed throughout the Middle East and Canada. Fady was the ambassador to the Middle East for the Medsalsa Congress. Additionally, Fady dances and instructs Argentine Tango. 

His salsa credits include: UK Salsa Congress, Mediterranean Salsa Congress, Gandia Salsa Congress, and the Dubai Salsa Festival.

Abby Lindenberg:

             A trained dancer in ballet, jazz, hip hop and modern, Abby worked in NYC as a professional dancer and choreographer.  Her credits include: Liza Minnelli’s Liza’s Back! London and Broadway tour, MTV Video Music Awards, Samsung, Toyota, Rolex, among others. As a choreographer she has worked internationally for industrials, casino shows, cinema, and live stage performances. Some of her works include: "Fire & Ice," Atlantic City; Ici Disi Madrid, Spain; NewHolland’s annual conference in Seville, Spain; “La Luz” New Years Fiesta, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Her salsa credits include: UK Salsa Congress, Mediterranean Salsa Congress, Gandia Salsa Congress, and the Dubai Salsa Festival.


Dance Towards Peace:

                     Dance Towards Peace was established in 2007 as a means of spreading the message of peace through dance.  Fady, and native born Iraqi and Abby, a native born American decided to share with the world that differences can be overcome.  Para Los Ninos, a dance combining both modern and salsa, was the first dance created in this effort. Fady and Abby have performed Para Los Ninos at the UNICEF 3rd Arab Media Humanitarian Forum in Dubai, UAE, the UN Day in Amman, Jordan, 6th International UK Congress, the 6th International Medsalsa Congress, Spain's First International Dance Congress in Grandia, Valencia and the Dubai Salsa Festival.



MIRELLA (Lebanon)

Mirella Victor Zakar was born in Beirut.
Her passion for Dance started at a very early age and her story begun when she first started taking Ballet-Jazz classes, then shifted to Latin Dance Sport and all other kinds of couple dances.
With years passing by, she showed up her talent in being a very good performer & choreographer, later on she started teaching & coaching many levels moving into the dance world.
Mirella participated in many competitions, as she became champion in Latin dance in 1996 and 2001(Olympic). She even earned titles as being a judge in both the LDSF & the IDO.
The career couldn’t continue without having her own Dance School, which was established in 2004 under the name of Mirella Dance Club. The academy offers different classes in all the various couple dances & entertainment shows etc…..
Knowing that Salsa is latest trend in the dance world today, Mirella attended various International Salsa Congresses held in: Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, and Los Angeles …. And now looking forward to be a part of the Instructor’s board in Lebanon’s 1st International Salsa Congress 2009!

  CHARLY (Lebanon)










ALICIA & SEVAG (Lebanon)



Alicia Awakian


·        Latin and Ballroom dancer and teacher since 2001.

·        Being a musician (Piano player), Alicia is known for her sensual dancing and her amazing music interpretation.

·        Latin Parties Organizer and dance performer both nationally and internationally.

·        International Dance Organization (IDO) Lebanese Salsa Champion from 2005 – 2007 & IDO judge since 2005 to date.

·        Participated in European Salsa Championship (Bournmouth-UK, 2007).

·        Participated in many world Salsa Congresses such as (UK Salsa Congress in 2006 and 2007) and (Cyprus Salsa Congress 2008) in addition to many Latin, Standard and Argentinean Tango Seminars.

·        No doubt, Alicia gave a big boost for the Salsa scene in Lebanon and the Middle East with their clean and clear dancing.


              Alicia is a very popular dance instructor that continues to update herself on a regular basis, nationally and internationally.






            Sevag was born in Beirut, Lebanon, on the 4th March 1982. He started dancing in 2001 in Nameless Dance Academy in 2008, he became I.D.O. salsa champion. He performed in many kind of dances in event and parties: Bachata, ChaChaCha, Rumba, Tango, Salsa...He spent most of his time dancing and teaching. He beleives that Salsa introduces and brings peace to our life. Dancing connects people from different Cultures. We all aim to learn, enjoy and dance.


SOLINE (Lebanon)

Introducing for the 1st Time "ZUMBA" dance fitness @ the LEBANON INT'L SALSA FESTIVAL!

          Soline Khanito Torkomian, Lebanese Dance Trainer Adjudicator and Choreographer. Born on 1981, Adjudicator in “World Dance and Dance Sport Council” and “Lebanese Dance Sport Federation”. Descendant of a family of Artists and Dancers; Started dancing at the age five; Has been teaching for more than 10 years in Tap Dance, Latin , Ballroom Dancing, Flamenco and now Zumba in her Dancing school and in many Fitness and health clubs.

          Soline believes that Life without a touch of Art, is very tight.


















Taiser Saati   [Tesero]  :
Was early introduced to the dancing atmosphere back in 2003, in Amman/Jordan. Where he enrolled in Med-school. Professionally dancing and instructing L.A & N.Y STYLE SALSA in addition to Nuevo Argentinean Tango Bachata, Reuda De Casino. 
His Passion was clear to be one of a breed, in a diminutive matter of time his Presence on the dancing scene was valued as one of the hot instructors in the district .He performed choreographed ,in a range of A class Venues Around the capitals participated in Congresses festivals salsa jams including Cyprus,Uk,Bulgaria,Swistezrland,UAE,Lebanon.

.his Character, audience, upshot were always unique catchy & unforgettable
Graduating in 2010 Taiser hopes to have the opportunity
to bond his passion to music and salsa through his Medical line of work
Contacts: +963 933 235 235

Rana kalpakji:

           To have the gracious gift of dancing with a star is granted by this young lady...Her infatuation to dancing is rarely found in a scene.
 started  her dancing journey Back in 2005.rana is obliged to have found salsa as a way of fashion, life and a sense of living a Leading spirit, energetic approach, seductive smile are
 few of her characteristics. She performed in a lot of theatrical scenes& dance occasions, representing her dance bequest as a real artist. Her choreographies and dance techniques are noticed for there irregularity & aptness, A master on stage playing with every note and beat to sway your heart to the wonderful world called delusion.
Rana and Taiser partnered up and established ECHO-SALSA Dance Company

Rana is a French literature graduate working at the Canadian embassy Damascus Syria.

Believes That Salsa Is a Message of God
we are blessed to be chosen to deliver.



D.J. JULIAN MR. M (London, UK) - From Eurolatinaradio

Julian Mr M First sent shock waves running through the Latin Music scene back in 2002 when he started teaching Salsa and DJing at Latino Sound, the biggest weekly salsa night in the UK at the time, right in the middle of London, Leicester Square. Here he managed not only to exercise his passion for music but also to introduce a young, fresh crowd to salsa and other forms of Latin Music.
          He quickly went on to build his reputation as one of the most in demand DJ’s on the Salsa Circuit both within the UK and Europe as well as internationally in country’s as far as Pakistan and Hong Kong.
          In 2005 he was one of the first DJ’s to introduce salsa in Egypt's Red sea riviera when he was asked to DJ at the world famous club Pacha in Sharm-el-Sheik after which there was no stopping him boasting appearances at clubs and events including Glastonbury Festival, UK, Oxygen Festival, Ireland and Club Cheyenne Alicante, Spain but to name a few, as well as presenting and MCing for some of the biggest names in Salsa and Latin Music including Tito Nieves, Willie Colon, Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Oscar de Leon, Jerry Rivera, Rey Ruiz, Tego Calderon, Hector el Father and the list goes on. He no only is a DJ and Salsa teacher but also one of the most recognized Festival and Carnival presenters in London, presenting Latin Splash in Clapham Common to an audience of over 10,000 people, The Cuban Carnival in 2008 to over 20,000 and also presenting the biggest Latin Festival in Europe to an audience of over 90,000 people.
          With a solid knowledge of the musical history of salsa and an ear for recognizing the latest hit Julian Mr. M keeps the floor pumping all night long. His method of mixing and fusing different musical genres with Latin beats has given him his own unique signature that is recognizable from the moment you step in the door.
          Julian Mr.M is also a teacher and performer of Salsa. Performances include
'East Meets West' Diwali Festival at the Royal Albert Hall and the Queen's Jubilee in Royal Opera House. As well as teaching at various venues in and around London and the UK.
          He can be heard motivating the dance floors at his current residencies in Bar Salsa every Thursday night at the famous salsa party Latin Krazy, also in Europe’s biggest Latin Urban Night La Bomba Latin Explosion @ the notorious Ministry of Sound and SE ONE Nightclubs, as well as being the resident at the brand new monthly night Salsa Contigo at the exclusive Floridita Nightclub. Julian Mr M also holds a monthly DJ residency @ EL Fogon, Nuremberg, Germany.
          If nightclubbing is not your thing the you can find Julian Mr M mixing his talents on the radio show 'The Rhythm' every Monday to Wednesday 7pm to 10pm, (GMT) where he presents the latest Latin Club Music or as he puts it ‘showcasing the hottest, latest, most classic Latin tracks keeping the Latin Dance floors around the World buzzing. The Rhythm pays tribute to the music you hear that instantly makes you want to dance’. The Rhythm, every Monday to Wednesday 7pm till 10pm on





Joseph Hanna: Producer/ Event Director  (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Joseph Hanna (DJ CRAZYJOE) is an IT project management at day and a Lead Mentor-Instructor & DJ at night..  As a Dj , he turned into one of the most-sought-after Salsa & Latin Dj in the middle east. His inventive style in dancing and teaching has made him one of the most sought teachers in Abu Dhabi. Joe passion to salsa started in 2002 , and was one of the instructors in one of the top schools in Lebanon “Khanito dance school” between 2005-2007 and in several places in UAE since 2007.

International Events Promoted in Abu Dhabi: 1. 3rd Cyprus Salsa Congress (March 2008) 2. 2nd Turkey Salsa Festival (June 2008) 3. 1st Greek Salsa Festival (Oct.2008) 4. 1st Todo Latino Salsa Festival Greece (Nov. 2008) 5.  4th Cyprus Salsa Congress (March 2009) 6. 1ST Lebanon International Salsa Festival (August 2009) 7. 1st Egypt Salsa Festival (October 2009) 8.       1st sexy and sensual Latin Festival –U.K. (October 2009)

Salsa Festivals /congresses, & events Dj : 1.  2nd Cyprus Salsa Congress (March 2007) 2. 1st Dubai Latin Salsa Festival (Nov.2007 ) 3. 3rd Cyprus Salsa Congress (March 2008) 4.  4th Cyprus Salsa Congress (March 2009) 5.  1ST Lebanon International Salsa Festival (August 2009) 6.  1st Egypt Salsa Festival (October 2009) 7.   Resident DJ in Copas – Lebanon ( 2004-2006) 8.       Resident Dj in Valley Green – Lebanon ( 2004-2006) 9.  Resident Dj in SAX – Le royal Meridian – U.A.E for Latin Night (2009) 10. Resident Dj in Waves – Marina Il bateen – U.A.E. (2009)



A DJ Who Fall In Love with Salsa And Became A salsa Award winning Dj.

Born in Abu Dhabi ( UAE ) , MOVED TO Dubai in 1995 , where he discover his love to the music . In 2003 he was introduced to Salsa and became a member of the ( legends ) team - Dubai 1st international salsa team -lead by AHMED SALSA . in 2005 started djing in salsa parties around Dubai ( Thanks to jimmy Dj switch ) **2006 Best Latin & Salsa Dj in UAE ( DUBAI SALSA CUP ) ** 2007 Best Latin & Salsa Dj in UAE ( DUBAI INTERNATIONAL LATIN & SALSA FESTIVAL ) **Resident Dj at The APARTMENT LOUNGE & CLUB EVERY TUESDAY ( JUMEIRAH BEACH HOTEL ) ** RESIDENT DJ OF ANGELS WHITE PARTIES ( IBIS WORLD TRADE CENTER ) MONTHLY EVENT ** OFFICIAL DJ OF DUBAI INTERNATIONAL LATIN & SALSA FESTIVAL 2009  ** OFFICIAL DJ OF DUBAI DANCE FESTIVAL 2008


2006 - 2nd Indian salsa festival - 2nd Bulgaria salsa festival - 4th Dubai salsa cup

2007 - 3rd Bulgaria salsa festival - 1st Dubai Latin & salsa festival - Kuwait salsa weekend

2008 - 4th Bulgaria salsa festival - 3rd Romania salsa festival - Dubai dance festival - 1st black see salsa festival - 1st Romania summer salsa festival

With great style of mixing different music ( R&B , HIP-HOP , DANCE MUSIC , reggae , dance hole , old school , Arabic & house music ) not to forget the Latin rhythm.


  D.J. CHARLY (Lebanon)

D.J. FADI (London, UK)

If you need a DJ then Fadi is the man for you.  Professional and highly versatile, he has DJ-d around the world – in Lebanon, Spain, Italy, Malta, Holland, Ireland and throughout the UK to name but a few.  He has competed internationally with great success:

  • 2005          Spanish DJ Championship: 3rd place

  • 2006          UK Arabic / R&B DJ Championship: 4th place

  • 2006          London Urban DJ and International Beat Championship: 1st place

DJ Fadi’s sets are known for keeping the dancefloor jumping and the crowd smiling;                                       he plays music that makes

you want to stay on the floor right until the very last track and beyond...

Available to play Salsa (all styles), merengue, bachata, cha-cha  . R&B . Hip hop . Reggaeton . Cubaton . House . Arabic .

His own custom remixes . All the Latin beats including Latin R&B, Latin house.

     Recent DJ Experience                                               Music Experience.

  • Bar Salsa, London                                                           Salsa, Reggaeton.

  • Havana Fiesta, London                                                   Salsa, Latin house.

  • Sahara Nights, London                                                   Salsa, Arabic, R&B.

  • GBsex Congress, Manchester                                         Salsa, reggaeton, bachata

  • Roof Gardens, London                                                    R&B, HipHop.

  • Tropical club, Spain, Italy                                              R&B, Reggaeton.

  • Edge Nightclub, Malta                                                   Latin, R&B, HipHop

  • Browns Nightclub, Malta                                                R&B, HipHop, House

  • Colosseum (El Grande), London                                     Salsa, Reggaeton

  • Cuban salsa congress, Bournemouth                             Reggaeton, Cuban salsa, Bachata.

  • Havana Rumba Biggest Cuban show, London               Cuban salsa, reggaeton, cubaton

D.J. HAGOP (Lebanon)





          Rocked by afro-Latin sonorities since his childhood, Ricardo sailed through the most prestigious scenes in France (Olympia, Tempo Latino, New-Morning) for the best of Latin sonorities: From « Satellite Cafe » (embassy of the music of the world in Paris) to « Radio Latina » (Domingo Salseros), a new Latin Soul-Breath on the Latin dance-floors.  Caliente!!!!!